Connecting to the BUMC Y Drive after network changes

On June 30, 2015, users will no longer be able to map to the “Y Drive” using the address

Previously, \\\bumc was used as an easy-to-remember alternative to \\\bumcfiles, or as a workaround for users who were having issues with  However, we need to implement a change to resolve an ongoing issue with the Medical Campus website.  Before, if you typed “”  in your browser’s address bar, it might return an error message that the page could not be found–you would instead have to type “”  After the June 30 change, both and will work as addresses to the BUMC website.

However, we understand that this may impact users who have relied on as an address to access their resources on the Y drive.

( users can click here to learn how to correct their folder mappings.  They need to use

You can correct your mapping before the change is implemented in order to enjoy uninterrupted access to your files and folders.

Note: in the document below,\bumcfiles is used as the “correct” mapping in all of the examples.  If you have issues using for whatever reason, you may also use\bumc in its place.  If you are already using this address, it will also continue to work after the network change occurs.

You can click on any image in this tutorial to see it in full size.

How to tell if you are currently using to map your network folders

How to recreate your shortcuts and mappings using the correct address

If you have any questions or concerns about your server connection, or need help completing any of these steps, please feel free to submit a ticket anytime or contact us during our business hours, 8:30AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday.