BUMC Y Drive

Overview BUMC IT offers a general purpose, shared storage utility to departments at the Medical Campus.
Available To Faculty/Staff
Benefits File services (also known as the “Y Drive”) provides clients with a centrally managed, resilient data repository for all data classifications including restricted use.  By default, clients will have access to the following storage:

  • Personal – Space permissioned solely for each client.
  • Department – A common space shared by all members of a department.  Allows for sharing of content within the department.
  • Project – Space for sharing data inter-departmentally based on established collaborative projects
Key Features
  • Secure central storage for University data and documents.
  • Frequent on-line shadow copies, snapshots, and data replication protect the data and allows for retrieval of data from recent days, weeks or months.
  • An AD account
  • Presence on the University network:   on campus or off campus access via VPN.
  • Supervisor-sponsored approval
Cost Costs may apply for unusual storage needs.
Getting Started See instructions to connect to the Y Drive (Mac/PC), and request a Y Drive folder. The Service Desk should be contacted by

  • An individual for help connecting to or changing an existing connection
  • A supervisor to sponsor new access for an employee or a guest
  • A departmental administrator for consultation to add a new department to the Y Drive