Wireless Network Access

The Networks team at BUMC IT is in the process of a planned two-year upgrade of older wireless infrastructure on the medical campus to bring it into compliance with current standards. This upgrade should result in an increase in overall performance and greater stability and resiliency of the service. Click here for updates about the wireless network project schedule.

Overview Wireless access to the BUMC network is widely available across campus.
Available To Students, Faculty, Researchers, Staff, New/Incoming Students, Guests
Benefits Secure, high-speed wireless access to the BUMC campus network and the Internet
Key Features
  • Convenient, widely available, high-speed wireless network access
  • Secured and encrypted using the 802.1x security protocol
  • A computer or mobile device capable of using 802.1x to make a wireless connection
  • An account authorized for BU (802.1x) access as determined at Accounts & Access
  • Generally there are no charges to use network services.
  • Departments interested in network design, installation, and port activation, please submit an IT request for more information.
Getting Started
  • Recommended method for those with a BU login name and Kerberos password
    – Configure your computer or mobile device to use eduroam.
    NOTE: For best results, when purchasing new devices, look for those that support 802.11a/b/g/n. Devices that only support b/g/n (without the 802.11a/n – 5 Ghz.) are more likely to experience sluggishness in places where there is a high density of wireless device usage.
  • Older method for those with a BU login name and Kerberos password
    – If you are using an older computer or one that has trouble using 802.1x, you can connect to BU (requires VPN) instead and secure your connection with the Cisco VPN client.  First connect to the “BU (requires VPN)” network, then connect to the VPN to secure Internet access.
  • Guests – Access to the BU (Guest) wireless network is easy and guests can now request their own access. Please be aware that the Guest network does not offer encryption.
  • Online Help – Connect to the wireless network called “BU Wireless Help” to view basic information on connecting to other wireless networks (SSIDs) on campus.