Classroom Training

For directions to your tutorial location, please consult BU Maps. Questrom School of Business. Information Services and Technology. Math and Computer Science. 100 Cummington Mall.

Information Services & Technology (IS&T) offers training classes throughout the year free of charge to help Boston University students, faculty and staff with technology. IS&T also offers instructor-led tutorials at the beginning of each semester on a variety of topics, please visit the training site for the full calendar.

Learn about the registration process for training tutorials.

If IS&T does not offer a course that you need to take, you should check the Boston Consortium of Higher Education’s website. The Consortium has formed training partnerships that make participating schools eligible for discounted pricing at Boston-area training facilities. These vendors will provide reduced-price training for people from member schools who make sure to specifically request the Boston Consortium discount when registering.

For additional training information, or if you have questions, comments, or recommendations on training, please contact the BUMC IT Service Desk. We are happy to discuss your training needs and suggest your best approach.