Virus, Spyware and Malware Removal

Overview BUMC IT Service Desk will assist with removing viruses, spyware and malware from your computer. BUMC IT can also provide you with recommendations to prevent future infections.
Available To Students, Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments
Benefits Get viruses, spyware and malware off your computer and prevent reinfection. Improve your computer’s performance and protect your data to keep your computer running properly and efficiently.
Key Features
  • BU has a site license for CrowdStrike Falcon for Windows and Mac.
  • We offer support pages and recommendations on how to protect your computer and remove viruses.
  • The BUMC IT Service Desk can also help you remove viruses and malware from your computers.
Requirements To receive support from BUMC IT your computer must be enrolled in the Computer Support Subscription Service.
Getting Started If you believe your computer is infected with malware, contact the BUMC IT Service Desk at (617) 358-4540 or You can also submit an IT Request.


Virus Protection & Security