Research Week 2022 – Amanda Piarulli, MD

Advanced Diabetes Technology Remains Underutilized in Underserved Populations: Early Hybrid Closed-Loop System Experience at an Academic Safety Net Hospital


Zhihui Ju1, Amanda Piarulli2, Lauren Bielick3, Shannon Marschall1, Elizabeth Broiullard1 and Devin Steenkamp1



We retrospectively evaluated outcomes of the Minimed Medtronic 670G system in an academic urban safety-net population of adults with type 1 diabetes, between September 2016 and January 2020. Among 32 patients prescribed the 670G, the majority were female (69%), white (69%), achieved advanced degrees (56%), were commercially insured (94%), and were experienced pump users (84%). Patients who initiated auto-mode demonstrated significant improvement in A1c after 1 year. However, 31% of patients never initiated auto-mode. Black and Hispanic patients comprised 50% of this group, despite similar insurance coverage, diabetes duration, educational level, and prior pump use. Hence, traditional barriers to technology use do not explain these racial/ethnic disparities. Of 22 patients who initiated auto-mode, 5 discontinued within 1 year. The most common reason for discontinuation was frustration with pump-sensor interactions. Future studies identifying barriers to and strategies for increasing use of advanced insulin delivery systems in underserved populations are needed.


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