Intern Retreat

Our annual intern retreat takes place in the fall of each year. The retreat takes place in Ashland, Massachusetts, and coverage is arranged for all interns to attend and stay overnight at this incredible facility. Program Directors, Program Coordinators, Chief Residents and many clinical Faculty attend the retreat. The focus is on teamwork, allowing the interns to get to know each other away from the hospital, as well as interact with faculty and staff. There is a group activity on the first night, workshops the following day, followed by sports activities such as softball, football, basketball or frisbee. The retreat has been a very popular event for interns (with lots of stories to share after the event!).

intern retreat 2019

Junior Resident Leadership Retreat

There are many expectations of residents as they transition from intern to junior resident. The resident is expected to be the ward team leader, run work rounds efficiently, manage and teach interns and medical students, interact with attendings, and most importantly provide excellent patient care. Recognizing the need for formal training in teaching and leadership skills, we have designed a “Resident as teacher” course for all junior residents early in the PGY-2 year.

All juniors are given coverage for this one day retreat in early September, which takes place off-campus at the home of Dr. Sheilah Bernard, one of our outstanding cardiologist educators. The workshops are interactive with opportunities for brainstorming, review video scenarios and role plays. The focus is to help residents develop skills to manage a work team, the role of the resident as a teacher, and recognizing and dealing with unprofessional behaviors. There are follow up seminars on-campus to discuss feedback, evaluation, microskills of teaching and attending interactions. The residents have uniformly enjoy this introduction to the role of the junior resident in an informal setting and take back several practical pointers to help them in their new role.

junior retreat 2019

Senior Retreat

Senior residents leave the BMC campus for the day to “look back and move forward.” At our second annual retreat, Senior House officers met at the Boston Museum of Science to look back on the health issues in politics that were active during their period of training, and to reflect on their career development in the future. Residents were addressed by several leading figures in the area of health care in New England and were able to interact with former BMC graduates with diverse career paths. This retreat also provided a welcome venue to celebrate our sense of family as well as our Residents’ professional accomplishments over a three-year training period.

senior retreat 2019