Welcome from the Chief Medical Residents!

Why Boston Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency Program?

The Patients
BMC Residents care for the most diverse patient population in Boston. The program’s guiding principles reflect the overall mission of the hospital: to provide exceptional care for all patients regardless of nationality, race, religion or economic status. The broad spectrum of pathophysiology diagnosed and managed by our house officers is the envy of the northeast region of the United States.

The Program
“Excellent patient care. Learn every day. Teach every day. Have fun.” This is the motto of our program and encompasses the goals we strive for every day. House officers are offered broad and intense inpatient and ambulatory training, and are supervised by our first-rate faculty while still preserving the autonomy so cherished by the residents. Opportunities abound for individualized academic advancement, mentorship, leadership and research. Our house officers are strongly supported by the tireless efforts of our dedicated program office staff and the house officer union, the Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR). The CIR has fought for the house staff countless times and has earned several benefits for our residents, including higher salary support and vast improvements in hospital ancillary support. Residents in our program also support each other: the size of our program allows for manageable call schemes, individually tailored schedules and an emergency-coverage system to handle unexpected absences.

The Hospitals
BMC has the busiest emergency department in Boston: Internal Medicine accepts the majority of admissions, which translates into the broad spectrum of cases mentioned above. BMC is somewhat distinctive in that it acts as both a tertiary care center – with multiple areas of recognized expertise – as well as a primary care hospital. Many patients present to BMC for their initial care with complicated and advanced stages of disease – managing these patients is the core of our training. We also rotate through the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in West Roxbury. The VA rotations are highly respected and sought-after by our house staff because of the uniqueness of the VA patient population and the excellent teaching of the easily approachable faculty.

The University
The affiliation of BMC with the Boston University School of Medicine affords our house staff a close link with a cutting edge academic medical institution. Our attendings and chief residents are all faculty at BU, and there are countless opportunities for research and academic advancement. Our house officers are integral to the teaching of BU Medical Students, who rotate through Internal Medicine clerkships throughout the year.

The City
Boston is an exciting, historic, and accessible city full of vibrant culture, academic tradition and international flavor. While many house officers choose to live in the South End near BMC, Boston is full of unique historical neighborhoods and nearby towns within easy reach of public transportation. Most importantly, the local professional sports teams have truly made Boston a championship city.

The Future
Our program continuously strives for improvement, and our house officers are fully empowered to guide programmatic change. Graduates of the BMC Internal Medicine Residency program are universally recognized for being highly trained doctors that can manage complicated systems and disease. The training emphasizes all aspects of the core competencies of Internal Medicine. As such, our house officers match very well in competitive fellowships around the country and are also highly sought-after for employment in general medicine and its specialties.

We hope you strongly consider joining our program. Do not hesitate to contact the program office for questions or to schedule a follow-up visit.

With best wishes for your success,

The 2023-2024 Chief Medicine Residents: Laura Burns, Chad Hinkle, Juan Rodriguez, Esther Saul, Ayelet Shapira-Daniels, Karina Verma, Alex Yeo

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