The Promotion of Research in Medical Residency (PRIMER) program is a unique PGY 3 & 4 experience for residents looking to kick start their career as a physician scientist. The PRIMER program is funded through the NIH Stimulating Access to Research in Residency (stARR) R38 program. The program allows participating residents to delve into a research area of interest and conduct original research with the guidance of an experienced mentor and some of the Department of Medicine’s most experienced researchers. Residents may apply to this program in the spring of PGY 2.

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Program directors - Executive committee - Faculty mentor - Track director

The PRIMER program is designed and facilitated by a team of experienced and dedicated physician-scientists committed to your success. View Leadership.


18 Months of Dedicated Research Time in PGY 3 & PGY 4

Bar Chart showing learning experiences (Research, Electives, ICU, Outpatient, Inpatient) breakdown across the 4 years of residencyWhile typical residency years allow for Research time to be taken as an elective, the Promotion of Research in Medical Residency program allows you to dedicate a majority of your time to your project and coursework.


Coursework is designed and facilitated by experienced researchers from the BU Medical Campus:

  • Intro to Research Design & Analysis
  • Track specific seminars
  • Grant writing workshops
  • Professional development opportunities

Research Experience

Design, conduct and publish your own independent research, and participate in Journal & IRB Internships to help further immerse you in the physician-researcher environment.

Tracks The Research in Residency program offers 4 tracks for residents to choose from based on their research interests, offering curated curricula and specialized research exposure: Clinical cardiovascular epidemiology and translational research Genomics, computational biology and bioinformatics Health systems research and implementation science Regenerative medicine All tracks offer opportunities for cross-track exposure and collaboration and have a multidisciplinary approach.


Faculty mentors are well established researchers with a passion for teaching. Your mentor will share your research interests and be a resource for project and career guidance.


The Promotion of Research in Medical Residency program will help you develop and refine foundational and functional skills including:

  • Research Design
  • Data Analysis
  • Research Management
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Career & Professional Development.


Your experiences in the PRIMER program will prepare you for potential clinical and research fellowships, research grant opportunities, and a career as a basic or translational physician-scientist.