BMC Celebrates Successful Match Day

On Friday, April 17th faculty, current residents, and students were excited to learn of a successful 2023 NRMP Match.

Our Program’s commitment to recruiting interns as diverse BMC’s patient population is reflected in this year’s match statistics. 20% of the 2023 incoming intern class identifies as an underrepresented group. Combined, the class speaks a total of 20 languages. Additionally, the program is excited to welcome 6 International Medical graduates, as well as those from West Coast, Midwest, North East, South East, and Puerto Rico, along with a substantial number from Massachusetts.

During the course of the interview season dedicated hospital faculty interviewed a total of 399 applicants out of 4272 who applied. The program would like to thank faculty for their efforts and commitment to our recruitment process, as well as their continued dedication to the mission of the Department of Medicine.

We are thrilled to welcome our exceptional cohort of 2023 Interns!




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