Patient Care

The department’s clinical programs provide a full range of clinical services to an extraordinarily diverse patient population from within Boston as well as the greater New England region. The clinical services have a distinguished history of providing care to vulnerable patient populations as well as tertiary care. Several of the department’s clinical programs (e.g., amyloid program, nutrition and weight management, scleroderma unit, vasculitis unit, pulmonary hypertension program, cardiomyopathy, and others) draw patients from throughout the world. The integration of the department’s compelling social mission with a rigorous academic tradition creates an especially rich environment for patient care, training, and discovery.


AY16 Clinical Program Highlights 

  • Expansion of Tobacco Cessation Program to inpatient setting
  • Ongoing growth of Lung cancer screening/nodule program
  • ICU Alcohol Withdrawal Protocol established and implemented
  • Continued growth of multidisciplinary Sarcoidosis Program
  • Transgender Medicine and Surgery Center established (first in New England) in addition to  transgender medicine elective and transgender medicine curriculum with the medical school
  • Multidisciplinary Thyroid Center established
  • Addiction Medicine Inpatient Consult Service established


Clinical Volume AY16