Backup & Restore

Overview BUMC IT offers backup /restore services for disaster recovery purposes to the following server platforms : Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (R2), and a variety of flavors of UNIX and Linux.
Available To Any BUMC server that stores University-related data.  (Note that backup of client-based computers falls under the University’s CrashPlan service.)
Benefits Backup services provide secured, disaster data protection.
Key Features
  • Security: All data are encrypted throughout the entire backup process.
  • Redundancy: All data are staged to disk and then sent to tape.  Tapes are then sent offsite.
  • Multiple copies of backed-up data maintained.
  • Support for multiple operating system platforms
  • Support for application-consistent backups of SQL Server, Oracle, SharePoint, for an additional cost.
  • Server must be on the campus network
  • Server should have at least a 100Mb connection for optimal performance
  • Backup services are only reasonably viable for data less than several terabytes.  Beyond that, traditional backup is impractical.   (Contact the BUMC IT Service Desk for alternatives.)
Cost No costs for general file system backup.  Application-aware backup s will incur a nominal one-time licensing cost.
Getting Started Contact the Service Desk for more information.