Primary Care Training Program

Catherine Rich, MD

Catherine Rich, MD    Director, Primary Care Training Program

The Boston University Primary Care Training Program (PCTP) is one of the oldest federally funded primary care programs in the country, and with well over 300 graduates since 1974, it continues to be a national leader in generalist training. With a commitment to an urban, medically underserved population, our residents and faculty care for an ethnically diverse group of patients.

Under the direction of Dr. Catherine Rich, the PCTP has an enriched and comprehensive curriculum that complements the core training experience of the Boston University Medical Center Residency Program in Medicine. Residents work closely with faculty role models and mentors to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue satisfying careers as leaders in clinical medicine, education, and research, and are well equipped to face the challenges of the changing healthcare system.

Curriculum Overview

The PCTP builds upon the core curriculum of the Boston University Medical Center Residency Program in Medicine, with the following key features:

  • Supervised decision-making responsibilities, organized around the resident and the patient, with special focus on the ambulatory setting. Residents are supported in their professional development by a committed and involved faculty that includes general internists, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and public health professionals, who bring a wide array of professional and personal interests to the program.
  • Academic rigor in diverse and sometimes nontraditional settings, the clinical experience includes both hospital-based and community-based training sites, complemented by multiple conferences, seminars, workshops and case discussions, to foster a rigorous academic approach to clinical care.

Primary Care residents receive the same comprehensive training in inpatient ward medicine, critical care and subspecialty medicine as their colleagues in the traditional track. In addition, the primary care residents receive an enriched and expanded experience in ambulatory medicine, through use of elective blocks, seminars and special ambulatory block rotations. The PCTP prides itself in training superb, well-rounded internists, well-equipped to pursue a wide variety of career paths.

Areas of special emphasis, unique to Boston University’s Primary Care Program include expanded initiatives in:

  • Mental Health
  • Health Care for the Homeless
  • Public Health
  • Cultural Competence
  • Academic Project Development
  • Addiction Medicine
  • Leadership and Advocacy Skills

To learn more about some of our faculty and graduates and what they are doing now, please click on the following link to view our brochure Primary Care Training Program Brochure

For more details on the primary care training program and its curriculum, please contact the program office.