FAQs for our Application Process

How do I apply to the Internal Medicine Residency Program?
Please submit your application through ERAS using our NRMP Match Numbers.

How many intern positions are available?
We have 56 PGY-1 intern positions available (may slightly vary from year to year) which are distributed amongst our different tracks and pathways.

What are the requirements to have a completed application to our program?

  • ERAS Common Application Form
  • Dean’s Letter
  • Minimum of three Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal Statement
  • Official Medical School Transcript
  • USMLE Transcripts
  • It is recommended that you have both Step 1 and 2 scores available when you apply or shortly after you submit your application. You must have your Step 2 score reported by February 1st

Are there any additional requirements needed if I am an International Medical School Graduate?

  • You must provide documentation (through ERAS post office) of successful completion of an Internal Medicine clerkship and/or sub-internship of at least eight weeks by November 30th.
  • Medical School must be ACGME accredited
  • Internal Medicine clerkship and/or sub-internship must involve direct patient care responsibilities for at least 2 months


  • Documentation of successful completion of residency training from an ACGME accredited program at a U.S. teaching hospital with direct patient care of at least 2 months.
  • All graduates of medical school outside the US and Canada must meet one of the following:
  • A valid ECFMG Certificate (Jan 31st)
  • Passed the CSA examination from the Educational Commission for Foreign medical Gradates
  • Have a full and unrestricted license to practice medicine in a US licensing jurisdiction.
  • Complete a Fifth Pathway Program provided by an LCME–accredited medical school.

Is there a cutoff date after graduating from medical school?
3 to 5 years, however we review all applications and evaluate the applicant in accordance to their academic transcripts, board scores, letters of recommendations, etc.

What is the minimum score required for USMLE Step 1 & Step 2 (CK & CS)?

  • The minimum score required for both Step 1 & Step 2 is 230.
  • Our current intern class has an average score of 238 for Step 1 & 251 for Step 2

Do you sponsor any Visas?
Yes, we offer J1 visas and very rarely H1-b visas. For H1-b visas you must have completed your Step 3.

Do you have International Medical Graduates in your program?
In our current intern class we have 6 International Medical Graduates (approximately 10% of PGY-1’s)

How many clinical sites are there?
There are 8 clinical sites:

  • Boston Medical Center
  • VA ambulatory located in Jamaica Plain
  • VA inpatient located in West Roxbury
  • 5 continuity ambulatory sites in several Community Health Centers.

Can I apply to multiple tracks (Categorical, Primary Care, Preventive Medicine/Primary Care, Prelim, Neurology Prelim and ABIM)?
Yes, you may apply to multiple tracks. Your interview day will be designed based in accordance to your interest.

I am a Neurology prelim can I apply to both the Prelim track and the Neurology Prelim?
Yes, you may apply to both programs:

  • If you are interested in our Internal Medicine Prelim Track and BMC’s Neurology Residency Program, you should apply for BOTH the advanced and prelim programs at BUMC and use the BMC Neuro/Prelim Track # 1257140P1.
  • If you are interested in just applying for our standard Prelim Track but would like to do your Neurology Residency Training at a different program you would use the following NRMP # Preliminary Track 1257140P0 (our standard prelim program).

When do you notify applicants if they will be invited for an interview?
We send our invitations from mid-October to Late December through an ERAS email invitation.

When do you begin reviewing applications?
We start reviewing applications in early September.

What is your application deadline?
Our completed application deadline is November 30th.

When do you interview?

  • On Mondays and Wednesdays we interview for Categorical, ABIM Research Pathway, Primary Care and Primary Care/Preventive Medicine tracks.
  • On Fridays we interview for our Preliminary and Neurology Preliminary track

Is there a wait-list for the interview days that are filled?
Yes, we try to accommodate all invited candidates.