Student Research Internships

The Dept. of Psychiatry welcomes student involvement in research initiatives throughout our department! If you are interested in potentially setting up a research internship in our department, please first take a moment to look through the Research section of our website to identify any specific projects, topic areas or faculty members with whom you are interested in working.

If you are interested in a research internship opportunity, please email, Director of Research for the Dept. of Psychiatry. In that email, please attach a your resume and also specify if you are interested in compensated positions only, or if you are open to volunteer opportunities. Please also specify if you intend to use this internship to fulfill an academic requirement or obtain academic credit (e.g. thesis, directed study, practicum, etc.). Please also feel free to reach out to specific faculty members directly to inquire about internship opportunities if you have particular interest in their area of research.

Thank you for your interest!