Department of Psychiatry: Evaluation Research

The Department of Psychiatry at Boston Medical Center aims to serve people suffering from any mental health issue, substance use disorders (SUDs), or related ailments. Patients of color, underrepresented populations, and minority groups, regardless of insurance coverage, are provided outpatient services.

The Evaluation Research Center at the Department of Psychiatry aims to fulfill all departmental evaluation, data management, and analysis needs. The purpose of the team is to support public health and clinical research housed in the department as well as through collaborative grants with external partnering organizations.

Team duties and responsibilities consist of:

Data management: Data management, including database planning, development, maintenance, and consulting services for different programs within the department.

Program implementation evaluation: Process and implementation evaluation.

Program evaluation and monitoring: Evaluation and monitoring services for different research studies, programs, and clinics housed at the department, including those in partnerships.

Outcome mapping: Evaluation outcome development is program-specific, usually including mapping vulnerable populations, measuring community engagement, and monitoring increased services coverage, all while combatting stigma against mental illness and SUDs in the context of community behavioral healthcare.