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Grand Rounds September 9, 2021
Kiara Alvarez, PhD
Suicide Prevention for Immigrant-Origin Latinx Youth: Bridging Clinical, Family, and Social Contexts

Grand Rounds June 3, 2021
Devin Cromartie, MD, MPH and Jawad Husain, MD
The Boston University Psychiatry Evaluation of Minority Addiction Treatment (BUPE-MAT Study): A Qualitative Analysis on Barriers to Opioid Agonist Treatment for Racial and Ethnic Minorities

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Grand Rounds May 27, 2021
Micaela Owusu, MD, MSc, Babwale Ojediran, MBBS, MSc, and Benjamin Harris, MD, DPM
Where There is One Psychiatrist

Grand Rounds May 20, 2021
Sara Smucker Barnwell, PhD
Telemental Health 2.0: Practice Moving Forward

Grand Rounds May 13, 2021
Fabiola Arbelo-Cruz, MD and Sofia Vivoni Corominas, MD
On the Cutting Edge: Proactive Consultation with Trauma Surgery to Minimize Antipsychotic Use in a Geriatric Population

Grand Rounds May 6, 2021
Thea James, MD and Elena Mendez-Escobar PhD, MBA
BMC Health System’s Approach to Racial Equity

Grand Rounds April 22, 2021
Samuel Kwame Dance, MA
Are We Equipped to Serve Black Men When Healing is the New Normal?


Grand Rounds, April 15, 2021
Francis Lu, MD, DLFAPA
DSM-5 Outline for Cultural Formulation and Cultural Formulation Interview: Tools for Culturally Competent Care

Grand Rounds, April 8, 2021
Will Siu, MD, DPhil
MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD: Challenges and Opportunities in the Treatment of Race-Based Trauma

Grand Rounds, April 1, 2021
Esteban Toledo-Carrion, MD
What does it mean to be Latinx?: Historical and Cultural Considerations and Implications for Treatment

Grand Rounds, March 25, 2021
Robert C. Meisner, MD
Es(Ketamine): Fact, Fiction, and the Navigation of Uncertainty in Neurotherapeutics

Grand Rounds, March 11, 2021
Steve Seiner, MD
ECT: A Comprehensive Review

Grand Rounds, March 4, 2021
Olivia Moorehead, PhD;  Nancy Rappaport, MD; Martha Vibbert, PhD
Taking Care of All of our Children: Addressing Harsh Realities and Cultivating Hope

Grand Rounds, February 25, 2021
Erlanger “Earl” Turner, PhD
Promoting Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Clinical Practice: Considerations for Education and Training


Grand Rounds, February 18, 2021
Ra’Shya M. Ghee, Esq., JD, MBA
Legally Bound: The Inextricable Relationship Between Race and American Law

Grand Rounds, February 11, 2021
Devin Cromartie, MD, MPH and Willie Bodrick II, JD, MDiv
Hope & Healing: Mental Health and the Black Church

Grand Rounds, February 4, 2021
Carlton E. Green, PhD
Racial Trauma, Racial Anxiety, and Racial Empathy in Health Service Provision

Grand Rounds, January 28, 2021
Aneeta Saxena, MD
Functional Neurological Disorders: An Overview of the Diagnosis and Management of Functional Neurological Disorders, the Motor Subtype

Grand Rounds, January 14, 2021
Center for Multicultural Training in Psychology (CMTP) Pre-Doctoral Interns
Multicultural Case Conceptualization: Applying the ADDRESSING Model and Reflective Dialogue

Grand Rounds, January 7, 2021
Sandra Mattar, PsyD, CYT
Telehealth and Trauma Treatment with Refugees During COVID-19: Clinical and Cultural Considerations

Grand Rounds, December 17, 2020
Jillian Shepherd, PhD
Transgender Veteran Care: What Every Mental Health Provider Needs to Know


Grand Rounds, December 10, 2020
George Stavros, PhD
Relational Spirituality and Psychotherapy


Grand Rounds, December 3, 2020
Yaminette Diaz-Linhart, MSW, MPH
What’s Next? Integrating Community Health Workers in the Behavioral Health Workforce

Grand Rounds, November 19, 2020
Mark Schechter, MD
Brief Dynamic and Interpersonal Psychotherapy

Grand Rounds, November 12, 2020
Eric D. Achtyes, MD, MS, DFAPA
Use of LAIs & the PRELAPSE Study

Grand Rounds October 29, 2020
Sarah Valentine, PhD
A Community-Engaged Approach to Tailoring an Evidence-Based Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Intervention for Peer Delivery

Grand Rounds October 22, 2020
Juliette McClendon, PhD
The Impact of Discrimination on Mental Health and Implications for Diagnosis and Treatment of Racism-related Stress and Trauma

Grand Rounds October 15, 2020
Jessica Isom, MD, MPH
Learning How to Walk Then Run: Becoming Antiracist in Psychiatry


Grand Rounds October 8, 2020
Brenna Cyr, LICSW
Providing Mental Health Care for Transgender and Non-Binary Adults

Grand Rounds October 1, 2020
Hannah Brown, MD
Wellness and Recovery After Psychosis: Treatment Overview of Early Episode Psychosis

Grand Rounds September 24, 2020
Eric Smith, MD, PhD, MPH
Suicide Prevention: Opportunities & Challenges

Grand Rounds September 17, 2020
Christina Girgis, MD
Psychiatry and Social Media: Frenemies?

Grand Rounds September 10, 2020
Raul Fernandez, Ed.D
Stakes is High: Recognizing the Urgency of this Moment

Grand Rounds March 12, 2020
Andrew Clark, MD
Mental Illness and the Death Penalty in the US

Grand Rounds March 5, 2020
Jennifer Hu, MD
The Effectiveness of Collaborative Care of Depression Outcomes for Racial/Ethnic Minorities


Grand Rounds February 27, 2020
Kimani Paul-Emile, JD, PhD
Dealing with Racist Patients


Grand Rounds February 20, 2020
Ayana Jordan, MD, PhD
Opioid Crisis in Black Communities

Grand Rounds February 13, 2020
Miriam Tepper, MD
Addressing Health Disparities in Serious Mental Illness

Grand Rounds February 6, 2020
Denese Shervington, MD, MPH
Race, Poverty, Childhood Trauma: Implication for Health Care Providers

Grand Rounds January 23, 2020
David Henderson, MD
Psychiatry Department Meeting

Grand Rounds January 16, 2020
Chris Streeter, MD
Resiliency, Yoga, and Vagal-GABA Theory

Grand Rounds January 9, 2020
Melissa Kaufman, MD, PhD and Lauren Lebois, MD, PhD
Dissociative Identity Disorder

Grand Rounds October 24, 2019
Wendy Champagnie Williams, PhD, LICSW
Engaging a Pedagogy of Discomfort in the Clinical Practice Setting 

Grand Rounds October 17, 2019
Cara Fuchs, PhD, MPH
Implementation of Depression Care Management: Lessons Learned from the Frontline 

Grand Rounds October 10, 2019
Reena Kapoor, MD
“Red Flag” Gun Laws: What Every Mental Health Professional Needs to Know


Grand Rounds September 26, 2019
Amy Yule, MD
Young People with Substance Use Disorders Prevention, Risky Behaviors & Treatment

Grand Rounds May 30, 2019
Amanda von Horn, MD, Christina Persaud, MD, MPH and Sashalee Stewart, MD (PGY4)
What You Should Know: Civil Commitment for Substance Use Disorder in Massachusetts

Grand Rounds May 23, 2019
Shamaila Khan, PhD and Lin Piwowarczyk, MD, MPH
Building in Spirituality and Faith in Clinical Work with individuals from Refugee and Disaster Relief Settings

Grand Rounds May 16, 2019
Annie Jackson, MD (PGY4), Laura Dieppa-Perea, MD (PGY3), and Hannah Balleza, MD (PGY2)
Reducing Patient No-Show Rates

Grand Rounds May 2, 2019
Allison Boyle, JD
A Border Report: The Immigrant Experience, Myths, and How to Help

Grand Rounds April 18, 2019
David Trimble, PhD
Engaging with Spirituality in Family Therapy: Meeting in Sacred Space

Grand Rounds April 11, 2019
Susan Stefan, JD
ED Obligations to Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities: Recent Developments in EMTALA – Part 2

Grand Rounds April 4, 2019
Nancy Rappaport, MD
Keeping Our Schools Safe: What You Should Know About Safety Assessment

Grand Rounds March 28, 2019
Debra Brief, PhD
VetChange: A technology based approach to helping Veterans with alcohol problems and PTSD symptoms

Grand Rounds March 21, 2019
Michael Botticelli, MEd
Grayken Center Update

Grand Rounds March 14, 2019
Lovern Mosely PhD & Kimberly Schwartz MD
The Intersection of Mental Illness and Parenting: What are the potential concerns?

Grand Rounds March 7, 2019
Cassandra Newkirk, MD
Correctional Psychiatry

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Grand Rounds February 21, 2019
Mark Schetchter, MD
Psychotherapy with Suicidal Patients: An Integrative Approach



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Grand Rounds February 7, 2019
Robert Joseph, MD, MS & Justin Lacasse, MD
E Consultation: The curbside for millenials: Opportunities to improve access in underserved populations, A demonstration project

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Grand Rounds January 30, 2019
Joji Suzuki, MD
The assessment and management of endocarditis among people who inject drugs in the general hospital setting

Grand Rounds January 24, 2019
Camara Phyllis Jones, MD, MPH, PhD
Achieving Health Equity: Tools for naming and address racism and other systems of structured inequality

Grand Rounds January 10, 2019
Andrew Clark, MD
Ethical Challenges in Psychiatric Diagnoses

Grand Rounds January 3, 2019
Sandro Galea, MD, MPH, DrPH
Population Mental Health and the Role of Trauma

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Grand Rounds December 6, 2018
Wynne Morgan, MD, Joel Goldstein, MD, & Andrew M. Coelho, PharmD
High Risk Psychiatric Medication Use and Clinical Challenges for Publicly Insured Youth: National Trends & Local Initiatives

Grand Rounds November 29, 2018
Sonia Ananthakrishnan MD & Craig Noronha MD
Can you hear me now?  Improving feedback exchange with colleagues, trainees and students

Grand Rounds September 27, 2018
Lisa Fortuna, MD
Intersectionality & Addiction: How social experiences and identities influence recovery and wellbeing

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Grand Rounds September 13, 2018
Susan Harris O’Connor, MSW, LCSW, ASQ/CQIA
My Mind’s Blueprint, Inclusive of an Oppressed Identity Construct Model: Reflections and Introspection of a Transracial Adoptee

Grand Rounds June 14, 2018
David Hathaway, MD (PGY 4)
Clozapine & Benign Neutropenia at Boston Medical Center: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Grand Rounds June 7, 2018
Karan Verma, MD (PGY 4)
Short-term impact of Mental Health Courts on Recidivism: A Boston Experience

Grand Rounds May 10, 2018
Audrey Harrell MD (PGY 3), Allyson Oshiro MD (PGY 3), and Bill McCartt MD (PGY 3)
Simulation of the Agitated Patient: A Quality Improvement Project

Grand Rounds April 26, 2018
Avy Skolnik, PhD
From gate-keeper to bridge-builder: Creating access to transgender-affirming health care

Grand Rounds April 19, 2018
Kenneth S. Thompson, MD
Minding a Troubled Nation: An agenda for public service psychiatry

Grand Rounds April 12, 2018
Sanford Auerbach, MD
Sleep and Disorders of Mood

Grand Round April 5, 2018
John Renner, MD
Update on AA/NA: Efficacy and Recommendations for Successful Referral

Grand Rounds March 29, 2018
Josh Binus, MA
Therapeutic Effects in Athenian Theater through Sophocles’ Ajax and Philoctetes

Grand Rounds March 22, 2018
Erin Dunn, ScD, MPH
Sensitive Periods in Depression and Risk for Depression

Grand Rounds March 8, 2018
Jordana Muroff, PhD, LICSW
Important Stuff: Understanding and Treating Hoarding Disorder

Grand Rounds February 1, 2018
Snezana Milanovic, MD MSC
Perinatal Psychiatry: Toolkit Overview and BMC Primer

Grand Rounds  January 25, 2018
Gregory Fricchione, MD
Mind Body Medicine: The Link Between Clinical Medicine and Public Health in the 21st Century

Grand Rounds January 18, 2018
Daniel Beck, LICSW
CBT: Overview of Theory and Practice

Grand Rounds  December 7, 2017
Ana-Maria Vranceanu, PhD
Developing Tailored Behavioral Health Interventions for Medical Patients

Grand Rounds  November 16, 2017
Claire Oppenheim, MPH
How To: Write a BUMC IRB Protocol, Complete BUMC IRB Application

Grand Rounds  November 2, 2017
Charles B. Nemeroff, MD PhD
Vulnerability and Treatment Response in Mood Disorders and PTSD: Personalized Medicine in Psychiatry