3/17/2022 Grand Rounds

Partnering with Black Churches to Promote Mental Health Equity


Sidney Hankerson, MD, MBA
Vice Chair for Community Engagement, Department of Psychiatry
Director of Mental Health Equity Research, Icahn School of Medicine
Mount Sinai Institute

African Americans with depression are more impaired, have a longer illness course, and have more severe symptoms compared to White Americans. The purpose of this talk to is briefly review socio-ecological factors that contribute to mental health inequities and describe a novel, church-based depression intervention with a focus on engaging Black men in depression care.

Learning Objectives:
    1. Compare the prevalence and severity of depression in black men with that of white men in the US.
    2. List some of the socio-ecological factors that contribute to this disparity.
    3. Discuss the church-based intervention focused on engaging black men in depression care.