2/15/2024 Grand Rounds

Curbside Care: Addressing Maternal and Infant Health
Inequities at the Curb


Melissa T. Nass, MD, MPH
Associate Medical Director of Adolescent Medicine,
Medical Director and Founder for Curbside Care and Medical Director for
BPHC’s SBHCs at Boston Medical Center;
Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics,
Boston University, Boston Medical Center

Rosha Forman, CNM
Director of Midwifery Services, Midwives at Boston Medical Center;
Midwifery Lead, Curbside Care, Department of OBGYN; Assistant Professor,
Boston University School of Medicine

In this session, Dr. Nass and Ms. Forman will discuss the evolution of the Curbside Care mobile program, a dyadic, comprehensive, mobile healthcare delivery platform. They will describe their approach to programmatic implementation, and the strengths and challenges of interdepartmental collaboration.

Learning Objectives:
    1. Identify opportunities for innovation.
    2. Develop a systematic approach to program development.
    3. Recognize the strengths and challenges of interdepartmental collaboration.