10/20/2022 Grand Rounds

Life Course Epidemiology of Trauma Exposure and Perinatal Mental Health: Findings from Peru


Bizu Gelaye, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychiatry,
Harvard Medical School
Associate Professor of Epidemiology,
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

This presentation will describe the life course burden of trauma and maternal mental health globally. It will then present findings from the Pregnancy Outcomes Maternal and Infant Study (PrOMIS) cohort being conducted in Peru. The study’s rationale, the methodologies employed, and findings focused on trauma, and comorbid mental health outcomes will be discussed. Current research work focused on understanding biological mechanisms will be shared. The presentation will also share ongoing work aimed at addressing the gaps in mental health care in Peru.

Learning Objectives:
    1. Identify some of the impacts of the life course burden of trauma.
    2. Describe the Peru research findings of the effects of trauma on perinatal mental health.
    3. Discuss current research related to understanding the biological mechanisms of trauma.