10/19/2023 Grand Rounds

Supervising Trainees/staff after suicide


Zheala Qayyum, MD
Director of the child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Program and the Medical Director of the emergency Psychiatry Services,
Boston Children’s Hospital;
Assistant Professor Psychiatry,
Harvard Medical School; Associate Director of Media Student Education in Psychiatry Harvard Medical School

The impact of patient loss is often unrecognized and many training institutions do not have formal programmatic supports in place for such an occurrence. Timely oversight and support from supervisors can provide a safe place to explore and process the difficult experience of patient loss due to suicide.

Learning Objectives:
    1. Describe the experiences of both trainees and supervisors in the event of patient suicide.
    2. Identify the 3 factors that influence the experience of the trainees and supervisors when a patient suicide occurs .
    3. Summarize the key aspects of support and supervision needed for trainees in the event of a patient suicide.