Online Master’s in Public Health

Beginning Spring 2023. Students currently enrolled in the Executive MPH or traditional MPH degree programs through the School of Public Health should visit the SPH Cost of Attendance page for information regarding cost of attendance for other SPH programs.

The total cost of attendance* listed below includes direct expenses for which you are billed, such as your tuition, as well as estimates and allowances for indirect expenses such as room, board, books, supplies, transportation, and personal expenses. 

Please visit the OLMPH financial aid page for more information on program costs and financial aid options available to students.

For students who plan to utilize Federal Direct loans your loan eligibility may be lower than the stated cost of attendance due to annual loan limits, prior borrowing history, and any outside awards you may receive.

The average student that utilizes Federal Direct loans only borrows student loans to cover the cost of tuition and books/supplies.

Billed Expenses         Fall 2023 Spring 2024
Tuition $4,800 $4,800
Unbilled Expenses*                              
Housing & Food $8,250 $8,250
Books/Supplies $296 296
Personal Expenses $1,890 $1,890
Transportation $689 $688
Loan Fee+                  $102 $102
Total Expenses $16,027 $16,026

*Actual costs will vary for each student
+An average of origination fees for the Federal Direct Loan that applies to all student borrowers