Centrally Funded Desktop Support

BUMC IT is moving towards a support structure that is centrally funded.  We are gradually moving departments into this support structure, which involves doing inventory of all computer equipment in a department that has been purchased with Boston University funding (either departmentally or via grants). Once a department is fully inventoried by BUMC IT, they will have no more charges for support this year, nor any need for annual support subscriptions in subsequent years.

Requirements for Service

When we come to inventory a department, we will be including everything, even equipment that is older or nonstandard. The level of service we will be able to provide will vary based on the equipment itself.

Basic Service

  • Available to all faculty, staff, and students involved in or supporting efforts at BUMC
  • No requirements for standard equipment or age
  • Includes computers attached to scientific devices or that have specialized functions
  • We will do what we can with our resources under Basic Service, but cannot make any guarantees in terms of availability of parts for repairs and our ability to maintain the device indefinitely

Full Service

  • Available to BUMC faculty and staff (3 devices per person)
  • Devices must be purchased with BU funds
  • New hardware purchases and all software licenses will be shipped to BUMC IT directly from vendor and conform to BUMC approved configurations
  • Computers must be
    • part of the BU Active Directory domain (when possible)
    • within the manufacturer’s warranty period and/or under 4 years old
    • registered with BUMC IT and will be tracked in KACE Asset Management using a unique BUMC inventory tag
    • physically located at BUMC at time of site/desk side service
  • BUMC IT will
    • be allowed rights to provide security updates
    • require specific applications to run on all participating computers – for example, virus protection software, critical patches to all supported applications
  • Client must be available at specified time to provide remote or on site access to IT staff

Summary of Included Services

Basic Service

  • Creation of and help with BU technology supported accounts
  • Connection to BU centrally managed servers
  • Help with wireless access on campus
  • Help with BUMC online resources not supported by IS&T (Y drive, print server, etc.)
  • SAS license administration
  • Guidance in equipment purchasing
  • Best Effort SLA (Service Level Agreement)
    • lower priority support that is dependent on current staff workload
    • some service/repairs may require charges for time and equipment
  • Configuration for Full Service (where appropriate)
    • If BUMC IT is able to standardize your device for inclusion in full service, we will make an effort to do so

Full Service

  • All Basic Support services
  • Phone, email, walk-in, remote and desk-side assistance for all issues with hardware, infrastructure, and supported software
  • Facilitation and guidance in equipment purchasing, installation and proper disposal processes
  • Setup and configuration of local and networked printers
  • Setup and assistance with supported mobile devices (wi-fi, email, etc.)
  • Full warranty repairs of BUMC approved hardware
  • Provision of loaner hardware for long term repair
  • Service does not include some software licenses or hardware costs
  • Service will not repair mobile device hardware (iPhone, iPad, etc.)

Should you require service on a machine that does not conform to our requirements for full service, we will be able to provide best-effort service for a fee of $100/hr.

How to Get Help

Contact the BUMC IT Service Desk via phone, email, or by visiting our office.
Full information about our Service Desk and how to get in touch is available here.