ACGME Dermatopathology Fellowship Training Program

Program Description: 
This two-year fellowship program is geared to prepare individuals for an academic career in Dermatopathology in the US.  Training in diagnostic dermatopathology is founded on our volume of over 20,000 accessions per year, which include consultations on previously prepared slides, and thus a high proportion of challenging material. Fellows see all or some of the cases prior to their being signed out by an attending. Ancillary diagnostic training is available in immunoperoxidase techniques and molecular biology. Research opportunities include clinicopathologic studies, immunoperoxidase, ultrastructural and molecular biologic investigation of aspects of skin disease.

Program Details: The first year provides time for fellows to pursue a research project in depth while the second offers extensive experience in practical Dermatopathology. The first and last two months of the second year in training will be spent exclusively in Dermatopathology, interspersed by an 8-month rotation in either clinical dermatology (for pathology-trained residents) or in surgical pathology (for dermatology-trained residents). Dermatopathology training will continue during these clinical dermatology/surgical pathology rotations. The fellow will be expected to actively participate in all teaching activities throughout the years in training.
Stipend: Commensurate with PGY level.

Requirements: Applicants must be board eligible/certified in pathology (AP, AP/CP) or dermatology.

Deadline: The next available position begins July 1, 2026. Completed application (with at least 3 letters of support) deadline: September 4, 2024.

ACGME Dermatopathology Fellowship Application

Program Director
: Jag Bhawan, MD

Professor of Dermatology and Pathology
Head, Dermatopathology Section
Vice Chairman, Department of Dermatology
Boston University School of Medicine
609 Albany Street, J-308
Boston, MA 02118
Tel. (617) 358-9740

Application inquiries should be addressed to:

Katie Galek, Training Programs Manager
Dermatopathology Fellowship Training Program
Department of Dermatology
Boston University School of Medicine
609 Albany Street, J-202, Boston, MA 02118
Email: Tel: (617)-358-9728

Current Dermatopathology Fellow

Ekin Ozluk, MD

Country: Turkey

Medical School: Uludag University Faculty of Medicine

After completing both Dermatology and Pathology residencies subspecializing in Dermatopathology was inevitable for me. diagnosing skin disorders microscopically adds an extra layer of sophistication in Dermatology. I always find it fascinating to be able to recognize the patterns in Dermatology and then making the correlations with Pathology under a microscope. In my free time, I like to spend time with my husband and our beloved dogs.