Vascular Diagnostic Laboratory

The Vascular Diagnostic Laboratory at Boston Medical Center has a longstanding tradition of excellence. Its commitment to the highest quality of care is demonstrated by it being accredited by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission for over the past decade.

The laboratory performs a wide array of non-invasive vascular studies using both ultrasound and physiologic – based techniques. The lab utilizes standardized protocols by experienced technologists and accurate interpretation by physicians with vascular expertise (primarily in vascular medicine and vascular surgery).

Vascular duplex ultrasound is a cornerstone to many of the studies performed within the laboratory. A special probe and machine use ultrasound waves to create images of the blood vessels (both arteries and veins) and measure blood flow (both direction and speed). This may be used to assess for various conditions within the arteries and/or veins (including stenoses, occlusions, dissections, aneurysms, and/or thrombosis) in numerous locations within the body.

Other testing modalities measure physiologic parameters such as blood pressure and flow. These may involve the use of cuffs placed on various segments of the limbs, the use of treadmill exercise, and the use of rapid cuff inflation-deflation technique.

Contact Us

To order a vascular study call 617-638-8745

If you have any question regarding vascular laboratory testing, please call 617-638-8745 and ask to speak with one of the vascular technologists (or page the vascular medicine fellow on service).

Vascular studies offered at Boston Medical Center include:

  • Ankle brachial index or segmental limb pressure and pulse volume recording
  • Aortic duplex testing
  • Arterial duplex testing
  • Carotid duplex testing
  • Exercise arterial testing
  • Graft duplex testing
  • Hemodialysis access testing
  • Renal and/or mesenteric duplex testing
  • Transcranial Doppler testing
  • Venous duplex testing for thrombosis
  • Venous duplex reflux testing
  • Vein mapping

Our Team

Physician staff
Viken Babikian, MD
Robert T Eberhardt, MD
Alik Farber, MD
Naomi Hamburg, MD

Technology staff
Chris Kelly
Violetta Maciaszek
Luis Mayorga
Harry McClain
Mike Murray
Jeff Rigazio