Non-Invasive Cardiology

Program Overview

The Non – Invasive Cardiovascular Laboratories at Boston Medical Center offer state of the art diagnostic testing for heart and vascular conditions, and include Stress Testing, Echocardiography, Vascular Diagnostic Testing, and Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging. Each area is supervised by cardiovascular experts in the field, and is staffed by highly skilled exercise physiologists, sonographers and technicians. Test appointments are arranged to offer prompt evaluation in convenient and comfortable locations in one of our many testing sites at Boston Medical Center. Test results are generated promptly and are immediately sent to the requesting health care provider upon report completion.

To schedule an appointment: call 617-638-8745

Our Services

Stress Testing
Vascular Diagnostic Laboratory
Advanced Cardiac Imaging

Our Teams

Stress Testing
Gary J. Balady , MD Director Non Invasive Cardiovascular Labs
Stehanie Zombeck, MS Chief Exercise Physiologist

Noyan Gokce, MD, FASE Medical Director, Echocardiography
Bryan Doldt, RDCS, FASE Chief Technologist, Echocardiography

Vascular Diagnostic Laboratory
Physician staff:
Viken Babikian, MD
Robert T Eberhardt, MD
Alik Farber, MD
Naomi Hamburg, MD

Technology staff:
Chris Kelly
Violetta Maciaszek
Luis Mayorga
Harry McClain
Mike Murray
Jeff Rigazio

Advanced Cardiac Imaging
Frederick Ruberg, MD Director
Stephan Anderson, MD
Avneesh Gupta, MD
Nagaraj Holalkere, MD
Gustavo A. Mercier, Jr., MD, PhD
Alisa Rosen, MD
Jarry Tkcaz, MD
Rajendran Vilvendhan, MD