Heart Failure/Cardiomyopathy

Program Overview

In keeping with its commitment to providing exceptional cardiac care, the CVC offers expertise in medical and interventional treatment for heart failure/cardiomyopathy. A special CVC team coordinates the evaluation and ongoing management of patients with this condition. Working with primary care physicians and community-based cardiologists, the team offers a range of options, including new pharmacologic and surgical treatments such as bypass surgery or correction of a leaky valve.

For patients who do not respond to standard medical or surgical therapy, the CVC may be able to offer investigational drugs that are not yet on the market. We have been leaders in the development of new drugs for heart failure and we routinely make these drugs available to qualifying patients. In addition, the CVC is a clinical site for the investigation of surgical options for the treatment of heart failure. External cardiac devices, such as the ACORN device, and the use of bypass surgery with reconstruction of the enlarged cardiac pumping chamber offer new promise for improved survival and quality of life for patients with heart failure.

For other patients, heart transplantation or an artificial heart pump, known as a left ventricular assist device (LVAD), may offer the best chance for survival and improved heart function. For those patients awaiting a heart transplant, the LVAD supports blood circulation. In addition, a recent clinical trial showed that the LVAD can be used permanently to provide circulation in patients who are not transplant candidates. Patients can walk and live outside the hospital with the newest LVAD devices.

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Wilson Colucci, MD, Director
Deepa Gopal, MD
Michael Klein, MD
Ivan Luptak, MD, PhD
Marcello Panagia, MD
David Pimentel, MD
Flora Sam, MD
Diane Gauthier, MS, RN, CS
Ludwine Paul, MSN, ACNP-BC


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