Section Chief, Cardiovascular Medicine
Wilson S. Colucci, MD

Associate Chief for Clinical Affairs and Director, Outpatient Services
Eric H. Awtry, MD

Associate Chief for Academic Affairs
Frederick L. Ruberg, MD

Program Director, Cardiovascular Medicine Fellowship
Omar Siddiqi, MD– Program Director
Katy Bockstall, MD– Associate Program Director

Director, Cardiac Intensive Care
Claudia Hochberg, MD

Non-invasive Cardiology
Ravin Davidoff, MB, BCh – Chief Medical Officer, Boston Medical Center
Gary J. Balady, MD – Director, Non-invasive Cardiology and Exercise Physiology
Noyan Gokce, MD – Director, Echocardiography
Frederick L. Ruberg, MD – Director, Advanced Cardiac Imaging
Emelia J. Benjamin, MD– Associate Provost for Boston University Faculty Development, Vice Chair for Department of Medicine Faculty Development & Diversity
Sheilah Bernard, MD
Katy Bockstall, MD
Cory Henderson, MD
Hans K. Meier-Ewert, MD
Michael D. Klein, MD
Gene F. Kwan, MD
Shivda Pandey, MBBS – Director, Nuclear Cardiology 
Darae Ko, MD

Grace Hsieh, MD
Courtney Faiella, NP
Kelsey Norman, PharmD, BPPC, BCPS
Meissane Lee, PharmD, BCACP

Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology 

Kevin M. Monahan, MD – Director, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology, Fellowship Program
Robert H. Helm, MD
Derin Tugal, MD
Arlene Dermovsesian, NP
Emily Johnson, NP
Tracey Lavey, NP
Mary Morabito, NP

Kathryn Lucca, NP

Interventional Cardiology
Ashvin N. Pande, MD – Director, Interventional Cardiology
Zoran Nedeljkovic, MD – Director, Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Program
Alice K. Jacobs, MD – Vice Chair, Department of Medicine for Clinical Operations
Claudia P. Hochberg, MD
Clifford J. Berger, MD
David Litvak, MD
Nir Ayalon, MD
Megan Whelton, MD

Vascular Medicine
Robert Eberhardt, MD – Director, Vascular Medicine and  Co-Leader, Quality Improvement
Naomi Hamburg, MD, MS  – Chief, Section of Vascular Medicine
Ashvin N. Pande, MD

Heart Failure
Wilson S. Colucci, MD – Director, Cardiomyopathy Program
Deepa Gopal, MD
Ivan Luptak, MD, PhD
David Pimentel, MD
Monica Ahluwalia, MD
Matthew Nayor, MD
Denise Eckstrom, NP
Ludwine Paul, NP
Alana Surjanhata, NP
Kelly Wulff, NP


West Roxbury VA Medical Center
Pei-Chun McGregor, MD
Jayashri Aragam, MD
William Boden, MD
Gordon Burke, MD
Chester Conrad, MD, PhD
Peter Hoffmeister, MD
Jacob Joseph, MBBS
Scott Kinlay, MBBS, PhD
Adelqui Peralta, MD
Philip Podrid, MD
GVRK Sharma, MD
Matthew Yuyun, MD, MPhil, PhD