Stress Testing

The Stress Testing Laboratories at Boston Medical Center set the standards for excellence and offer a comprehensive array of state-of-the art testing methods and protocols. Our 6 laboratories are staffed by experienced exercise physiologists and nurses, and all tests are supervised by a physician. Treadmill protocols developed at Boston Medical Center provide individualized graded levels of exercise that are designed to offer comfort to the patient, while allowing ample time for cardiovascular assessment.

Exercise and pharmacological imaging studies using either echocardiography or nuclear (SPECT or PET) imaging are done when a more comprehensive assessment beyond routine exercise treadmill testing is needed; when the patient is unable to perform exercise; or when additional information regarding myocardial perfusion, structure and function are needed.

Cardiopulmonary testing (also known as metabolic stress testing) during which expired gas analysis is performed, can be useful in the evaluation of patients with dyspnea or in prognostic assessment in patients with advanced heart failure.

To order a stress test, call: 617-638-8745

If you have questions regarding what is the best stress test for your patient, call 617-638-8745 and ask for the stress testing fellow, who will be pleased to assist you.

Stress Tests offered at Boston Medical Center

  • Exercise treadmill test
  • Exercise echocardiography test
  • Exercise nuclear test
  • Cardiopulmonary ( metabolic) stress test
  • Pharmacological nuclear test ( SPECT or PET)
  • Dobutamine ( pharmacological) echocardiography test

Our Staff

Gary J. Balady, MD, Director Non Invasive Cardiovascular Labs
Stehanie Zombeck, MS, Chief Exercise Physiologis