Podiatric Medicine & Surgical Residency

The Podiatric Medicine & Surgical Residency (PMSR) Program is a (CPME) accredited 3 year residency. We currently accept one new resident per academic year. The program is designed to give the residents complete exposure to patients needs. Residents will care for patients in hospital, outpatient clinics or multidisciplinary settings. As well as a strong focus on patient education.

Rounds are conducted daily. Didactics include weekly complications conferences, journal club, M&M and Grand Rounds.

The first year consists of rotations similar to a surgical internship to provide the new resident with knowledge and skills to care for the surgical and hospitalized patients. Rotations include Family Medicine, Endocrinology, Emergency Medicine, Infectious disease, Radiology, General Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Radiology, Anesthesiology and Podiatric Surgery. All rotations are at Boston Medical Center.

The second year focuses on podiatry as a whole with an introduction to research. The second year resident partakes in surgical procedures, whether elective, emergent, or in clinic. The resident will have his/her own clinic session under attending’s supervision. The resident also has few rotations added to enhance medical knowledge. Rotations in the second year include Behavioral Sciences, Pathology, Dermatology.

Third year resident will be in surgery and clinic full time, including his/her own clinic. The resident will also have rotations in Trauma and Plastic Surgery. There is great opportunity for research and publishing during the third year.

If interested or if you have any questions regarding the PMSR program at Boston Medical Center, please contact:

Erin Springhetti, Program Coordinator

Geoffrey Habershaw, DPM, Program Director

Hau Pham, DPM, Assistant Program Director