Residency is an extremely busy time and sometimes it can feel like a challenge keeping the work-life balance in check. In realization that wellness plays an important role in helping build resilience and enables us to thrive amidst life’s challenges, we approach wellness by supporting resident-led wellness initiatives including:


    • Distributing a monthly Wellness Newsletter announcing upcoming local events and naming a monthly “Wellness Champion”
    • Planning Winter Fun Fest – our annual wellness month with events such as Chairman and PD Pancake Breakfast, Iron Chef Challenge, Art and Music Night and more!
    • Organizing visits from the BMC Healing Pups. All fourteen of the Healing Pups crew members have undergone a rigorous training and behavioral evaluation to become certified therapy dogs to offer people a calming presence and helping to take their minds off of their troubles.
    • Creating art exhibits and musical showcases at the annual Holiday Party
    • Organizing volunteers for local shelters
    • Hosting Bar Night every Thursday
    • Organizing Run BMC and Hike BMC – regular running and hiking outings


    In addition to resident-led wellness initiatives, we dedicate a month of the Academic Half-Day curriculum to promoting wellness, resiliency and mindfulness and incorporate wellness exercises into many of our educational conferences.

    Our Program Director Dr. Gopal Yadavalli is also a professional advocate of physician wellness. He has given many talks at local and national conferences on the importance of well-being, particularly for physicians and guides individuals in creating a personalized wellness plan to fit into their personal and professional life.



    Click HERE to learn more about our resident-led committees.