Why did I choose to train at Boston Medical Center?

Diverse Patients

“Completing my residency at BMC was a perfect fit for me. Not only was I able to surround myself with the underserved patient population that I was passionate about working with, but also was challenged daily by my peers and supported intensely by my mentors. The diversity of patients you are given the privilege to interact with is unparalleled which consistently stimulates my curiosity. Graduates from our program are knowledgeable, well-rounded, compassionate physicians who are prepared to conquer just about anything in medicine and beyond!”

“I chose to train at BMC because of the diversity of the patients we see here- we see people from all over the world with an incredible breadth of pathology and wide range of illness acuity. Also, I’ve gotten to meet some great people that I’m proud to call colleagues at all levels of training and practice.”


Rigorous Training

“BMC caters to a broad range of patients which makes it a great training program. There is ample opportunity to learn how to manage both rare and “bread and butter” cases. In addition, the residency program does a great job of balancing both autonomy and support. I already feel comfortable making decisions on my own but I also know I have great support from my peers, the chiefs, and the faculty should I need it.”

“After 3 years, this program has taught me to care for any patient I encounter, and to know who to turn to for help when I need it.  From intern to resident to attending, everyone is dedicated to providing the best possible care for their patients and to working together as a team to do so. The diversity of the housestaff, faculty and patient population fosters an amazing training environment. And, something I have come to cherish is the support the program gives its housestaff – both inside and outside the walls of the hospital.”

“One of the main reasons I came to BMC was because of the emphasis on teaching. From the residents, to fellows, to attendings, there is an incredible amount of information that is shared amongst us on a daily basis both formally and informally in a comfortable learning environment. Moreover, everyone has been supportive and friendly often making a hectic day equally as fun.”


Committed Hospitals

“I chose to train at BMC because I wanted to train at an academic center where people were passionate about going to work every day.  There is an institutional pride here that I wanted to be a part of.  After only a few months, I could not be more impressed with my colleagues and their excitement for practicing medicine in this busy, underserved community.”

“‘Exceptional care without exception.’ When I heard this the first time, it immediately hit me and for me it sounded like a place I always wanted to be. The patients are challenging, pathology is great, exposure is awesome and I saw some extremely confident/comfortable 3rd years. The more I worked here the more I liked it. There are very few places in the US who do things like BMC does and I take complete pride in it. Working a year felt like a month, resident’s camaraderie was great and working in the hospital was always fun and never ever boring for a second. Faculty is amazing, program is flexible to every resident’s needs and faculty/ residents devoted to teaching.”

“It amazed me that BMC was the only residency program that spoke about a mission for patient care during their interview day. The dedication to truly taking care of people, no matter their walk in life, is reflected in the attitudes of everyone that works here.  The training is incredible, the patients are amazing (and ever entertaining) and we have a great time!”


Sense of Community

“I knew I wanted an intellectual and emotional challenge… but what fun would a challenge be without a great group of people to go through it with? I saw how tight knit the residents were… and I love how invaluable of a support system they’ve turned out to be.”

“When I interviewed at BMC I sensed great camaraderie among the residents and a very friendly atmosphere conducive to learning and growth as a medical professional. That feeling has only been re-enforced since the time I started working here as an intern. I was also very impressed by the fellowship match of the program.”

“In one week, I managed patients with strongyloidiasis, trifasicular heart block and herpes zoster ophthalmicus. Can you imagine what I’d have managed in 3 years? So many learning opportunities, all in the midst of supportive staff and friends, that is my definition of the BMC experience.”


Legacy of Social Justice

“At BMC we actually practice social justice instead of just talking about it.”

“What makes BMC so great?  We’re exposed to a wide breath of pathology seen in only a few other places and institutions. You may see acute pancreatitis, amyloidosis, and active tuberculosis all in the same day. We are the safety net hospital for Boston, carrying on the tradition of our forebearer Boston City Hospital, whose mission was service to the poor.  Our patient population reflects our housestaff: incredibly diverse, interesting, supportive, and dedicated to providing the highest quality care for our patients. Lastly, we believe in the importance of access to health care for everyone, regardless of means.”


Prepare for the Future

“One word to describe BMC is DIVERSITY. This applies to house staff, faculty, patients and all clinical personnel. The breadth of pathology we see here is amazing. Residents are exposed to a great variety of patients from all sorts of ethnicities, religions and classes. After my experience here I am confident in my abilities to practice in the real world.”

“I chose to train at BMC because it is a program that will leave me well prepared for life after residency. There is a very diverse patient population, which exposes us to a wide spectrum of pathology. The attendings are excellent teachers, and the residents are friendly and hard working. It is a great environment for learning.”