One of the most memorable things about residency are the relationships that you build with your fellow residents. At Boston Medical Center, you will work with some of the most compassionate, intelligent and talented trainees in the country.

There is fantastic diversity in the program, with residents at any given time representing 4 out of 5 continents and all regions of the United States. Residents who come to BUMC also are from many different walks of life and have left established careers for the opportunity to practice medicine. Interests among residents is broadly diverse, with residents completing different degrees (Ph.D, MPH, MBA) and entering virtually all major fellowships.

In spare time, the city of Boston has many great activities to offer. There are 4 major professional sports teams, theaters, concerts and cultural events year-round. With greater than 50 institutions of higher learning in the greater-Boston area, Boston is home to one of the most sophisticated and intelligent urban populations in the United States. Do you like to stay active? There is a great walking, hiking and cycling culture that exists during spring, summer and autumn months. In the winter, ski and snowboarding slopes are nearby and ice-skating rinks are easily accessible.