Current Resident Research

Nkiruka Arinze, MD, R1
Primary Investigator: Vipul Chitalia/Alik Farber
Lab Site: BUSM
Area of Research: Determining the role of newly defined mediators of uremic toxicity in patients with chronic kidney disease and peripheral artery disease.

Maunil Bhatt, MD, R2
Primary Investigator: Virginia Litle
Lab Site: Gujurat India
Area of Research: Establishment of an esophageal cancer screening program and cancer registry in Gujarat, India.

Dar Heinze, MD, R2
Primary Investigator: Gustavo Mostoslavsky (Department of Medicine)
Lab Site: BUSM
Area of Research: Inducible Pluripotent Stem Cell Augmentation of Mixed Chimerism for Hand and Face Transplant Tolerance

Megan Janeway, MD, R1
Primary Investigator: Tracey Dechert
Lab Site:  BUSM
Area of Research: Surgical outcomes and quality improvement as they relate to socioeconomic disparities and social determinants of health of the BMC patient population.

Praveen Sridhar, MD, R2
Primary Investigator: Tony Godfrey/Stefano Monti
Lab Site: BUSM
Area of Research: Developing novel therapeutic agents for triple negative breast cancer.

Stephanie Talutis, MD, R2
Primary Investigator: David McAneny
Lab Site: BUSM
Area of Research: surgical outcomes and quality improvement research to promote a culture of patient safety.


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