Basic and Translational Research

Research is essential aspect of our work at Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) and Boston Medical Center (BMC), with research initiatives that support all aspects of biomedical research, from exploration at the basic science level, to translating fundamental discoveries into treatments that improve human health.

Research also contributes to high-quality education, training, and development for students, residents, and physician-scientists. Conducted in an environment that fosters scientific inquiry within traditional surgical disciplines as well as across disciplinary boundaries, the goal is to foster multidisciplinary research not only within the Department of Surgery, but also with investigators from other departments, such as Biomedical Engineering. This initiative is the key to translating basic research to the bedside using novel treatment modalities.

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Research and Innovation

The Department of Surgery is committed to advancing care through surgical research. Our extensive research initiatives are both laboratory- and clinically based, providing research training opportunities to medical students, surgical residents, and fellows.

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Active collaborations with biomedical engineers broaden opportunities in the areas of surgical devices, tissue engineering for repair and wound healing, and drug delivery. Conferences, seminars, guest speakers, and training programs are available through these collaborations, and formal coursework is available within the School of Medicine and School of Public Health. Affiliations with more than 20 Centers and Institutes afford investigators access to leading experts in major medical and surgical disciplines.

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