Jacob Nudel, MD

Site: Boston University School of Medicine; Massachusetts General Hospital Institute for Technology Assessment

Research Mentors: Donald Hess, MD and Amy Rosen, PhD and Chin Hur, MD (Massachusetts General Hospital)

Dr. Nudel utilized computational approaches to understand surgical decision-making. In one project, Dr. Nudel’s team showed that artificial neural networks and other advanced machine learning models can outperform traditional statistical approaches in predicting adverse outcomes after weight loss surgery. In his ongoing research, he employed machine learning techniques to understand the utilization of subspecialty obesity services at Boston Medical Center. In the process, he has developed custom software to parse and structure detailed electronic medical record data that we anticipate will open the door to a host of innovative and creative analyses across a range of clinical topics.

Top 3 Publications: 

Ali A, Nudel J, Heberle CR, Olson KR, Hur C. Cost effectiveness of a novel device for improving resuscitation of apneic newborns. BMC pediatrics. 2020;20:1-9. Co first author

Nudel J, Sanchez VM. Surgical management of obesity. Metabolism. 2018

Nudel J, Bishara AM, de Geus SWL et al. Development and validation of machine learning models to predict gastrointestinal leak and venous thromboembolism after weight loss surgery: an analysis of the MBSAQIP database. Surgical Endoscopy. 2020


  • T32 Immunobiology of Trauma Training Grant T32 GM86308


  • Grasberger Research Award

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