Surgical Oncology

The Section of Surgical Oncology manages a wide spectrum of cancer diagnoses, including: gastrointestinal malignancies – particularly those of the stomach, liver, colon and rectum, esophagus, pancreas, and spleen; breast cancers; thyroid and other endocrine cancers; melanomas; sarcomas; head and neck tumors; and gynecologic malignancies. In addition, the Section of Surgical Oncology offers broad experience in all aspects of advanced laparoscopic surgery.

Our Team

David McAneny, MD
Chief, Section of Surgical Oncology
Vice Chair and Professor of Surgery
, Department of Surgery

Michael Cassidy, MD
Assistant Professor of Surgery

Maureen Kavanah, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery

Teviah Sachs, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Surgery

Jennifer Tseng, MD, MPH
Chair and Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery

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