About MSK

Currently, the MSK section has 3 full-time faculty.  We perform all facets of MSK imaging and interventions and are continuing to expand our services.  Our referring clinicians cover multiple subspecialties including orthopedics, sports medicine and podiatry.  Additionally, team physicians for Boston College, Boston University, and USA Woman’s Gymnastics refer their athletes to our institution to receive state of the art imaging, quality care and intervention when needed.

While we perform the routine sports medicine imaging and orthopedic interventions, there are a few unique opportunities in our section.  We have a very busy MSK ultrasound practice performing both diagnostic and interventional procedures.  These procedures include joint injections/ aspirations, nerve blocks/ perineural injections, botox for spastic muscles and piriform syndrome and prolotherapy.  Boston Medical Center has the busiest emergency department in New England and receives a high volume of orthopedic trauma.  The orthopedic department is a leader in the treatment and research of these injuries and allows us to collaborate not only on imaging and treatment but also research endeavors.

Fortunately, we have access to multiple resources and various collaborations with other departments for research projects.  One interesting database is all the imaging from the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics from which we have published multiple manuscripts.  In collaboration with the Olympic Committee, we will be able to investigate all the imaging obtained at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics (taking place in 2021) along with access to clinical data.  Recently, we published a manuscript in Radiology which garnished national headlines on intra-articular corticosteroids and potential safety issues.  We perform large numbers of injections yearly and created a large database for further retrospective review.  Ultimately, obtaining funding for a prospective clinical trial will allow us to provide further evidence on potential benefit and any safety issues of intra-articular corticosteroids.

The fellow will encounter a wide breadth of pathologies, gain experience in all modalities of MSK imaging, and learn the skills to independently perform interventional procedures of the musculoskeletal system.  The fellow will be able to effectively collaborate and consult with multiple referring services and advise the referring clinician as to the most expeditious and appropriate imaging study to answer the clinical question. At the completion of the program, the fellow will be highly skilled and independent radiologist to function in an academic or private practice setting.