Hi, I’m BUzz, the chatbot virtual assistant for Boston University Medical Campus Student Financial Services and the Office of Housing Resources. I provide support for your general questions related to the above departments any time, any day. Below are a few tips to get the best out of your interaction:

Keep it simple

I do best when asked one question at a time. Complex, lengthy, or several questions at once make it harder to support you.

Use question format

I support you best when you speak to me in question format. For example, “I am a prospective student for the dental school and cannot figure out how to apply for aid”, is better said as “How do I apply to financial aid?”

Be specific…but limit identifying details

I cannot access account or person-specific information. However, I learn by identifying keywords and can provide relevant information and links. The links I direct you to saves time for both you and me, as many common questions are answered on our website.


Be sure you are asking questions about the offices I support

I support Boston University Medical Campus Student Financial Services and the Office of Housing Resources . Boston University is a large university, and I know you will have many questions about our many departments, programs, and services. If you need school-specific admissions assistance, registrars, or any of Boston University’s other departments and services, please visit their websites, or contact them directly.

I speak four languages

Click the globe icon  at the top of my window if you need English, Spanish, Vietnamese, or Simplified Chinese.

I am not a human 

While I am very intelligent and can support a lot of your general questions, I use artificial intelligence and work best when you follow the tips I have shared.

Need a human? Use my contact form option

You can say “contact the office” and select your school/college of enrollment/application.  You will then get a series of prompts asking for your name, email, BU ID (if you don’t have one that’s okay), and the opportunity to add a more detailed inquiry. You will know your form has been submitted when I say, “Your information has been submitted. You can close this window and someone will get back to you soon, or you can continue to ask me questions.” One of our counseling staff will get back to you within two (2) business days.

Further Contact Information

Our Contact Us page has further information about our hours of operation, virtual drop-in hours, and other contact information.