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Glossary of Research Terms

What does this mean? Glossary of Research Terms

  • Clinical Research – Clinical research is a type of study that searches for ways to improve medical treatments and care.
  • Informed Consent – Informed consent is where a participant agrees to take part in research. Informed consent is more than just signing forms. It is a process where research staff explain the study and answer any questions that you have. Consent should be discussed both before you begin the study and as long as you are participating.
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) – The IRB is a group of people who review and monitor research to make sure it is safe and follows ethical guidelines. The IRB includes scientists and non-scientists. Our IRB has several community members but is always looking for more.
  • Investigator – A researcher who conducts a study. A study may have more than one investigator, but the Principle Investigator (PI) is responsible for all parts of the study.
  • Participant – Someone who volunteers to be part of a study.
  • Research – A scientific effort to find and report new knowledge about something. Some research involves human participants and some does not.