INSPIR II stands for the Integrated Network for Subject Protection In Research. It is BUMC’s electronic IRB system. The application runs on the internet so investigators can access it from any internet-connected computer around the world. This new system went live on March 15, 2011.

To login into INSPIR II, click here (or on the image).INSPIR II


Below are various resources for investigators to obtain information about INSPIR II.

*INSPIR II Helpdesk Request – In order to efficiently route your questions to the most appropriate person in the IRB office, please submit an INSPIR II Helpdesk Request by going to this link.

INSPIR II Super-User Consultants

Thirty experienced research personnel have volunteered to serve as INSPIR-II consultants for the rest of our research community.  These people come from an array of schools/departments/sections and have had extensive experience with the former INSPIR system and with working with the IRB.  They have now received additional, in-depth training in INSPIR-II.  They are available to answer questions about navigating the new INSPIR-II system and how to perform the usual tasks of preparing and submitting IRB applications.  If you have a question that they can’t answer, they can help get your question answered by the IRB office.  Check out the list of names at the link below.  Feel free to contact any of them with your questions.  And sincere thanks to these thirty volunteers who are playing such an important role in the transition to INSPIR-II.

Board Member INSPIR II

Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine