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Getting Started with INSPIR II

Please read the instructions below before submitting this request: 


Your INSPIR account will be created as soon as you login to INSPIR for the first time. If you have a BU username* and BU kerberos password, OR a BMC username** and BMC password, then you will be able to login into INSPIR II using these credentials and create your INSPIR account without the need to submit this form. If you have both a BU and a BMC account, please login to INSPIR by using the one that you will have for a longer period of time; using an affiliate account (formerly known as a Guest account) to login to INSPIR is not encouraged. 

* The BU username is not the BU email address; it’s the first part of your BU email address before the “”.

** The BMC username is not the BMC email address; it’s usually the first 2 letters of your first name followed by the first 5 or 6 letters of your last name (same credentials you would use to login to EPIC).


Who needs to submit this form:

  • Anyone who does not have a BU username and Kerberos password or a BMC username and BMC password, to login into INSPIR II.