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Clinical Research Times

July 5, 2023

Dear Colleague:

Participant recruitment is an important part of conducting human subjects research.  However, it is not always clear what methods are available to researchers, and what the IRB expects to see when evaluating recruitment strategies. This month’s Feature Article discusses the IRB’s requirements for recruitment methods and recruitment materials; describes the types of recruitment methods that are commonly used by researchers at BMC and BUMC; and explains when certain methods may or may not be appropriate depending on the specifics of a research study.

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  • “Things to Know” on a brand-new “Opt-Out Recruitment Template” available for use by the research community, as well as information on recent revisions to the posted IRB consent form templates
  • “The CRRO Corner” on available past and future trainings, including two upcoming summer sessions focused on practical learning with an emphasis on real-life examples and demonstrations
  • “Getting to Know” on how to update the “Study Status” module in your record (Part II)
  • “Spotlight on the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) entitled “Essential Research Documents”, which describes requirements for the essential documentation in regulatory and participant files, and provides guidance in the management of this documentation throughout the course of a study
  • “Dear IRB” for guidance on collaborating with external investigators who are not engaged in human subjects research; and how to obtain BU REDCap access for these investigators, when applicable.

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Matthew T. Ogrodnik, MS, CIP, Editor, CR TIMES
Director, Office of Human Research Affairs