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Clinical Research Times

February 28, 2020

Dear Colleague:

What’s so special about “Special Routing”?  Special Routing is the process in which each new initial INSPIR application is screened to identify and notify any additional departments and institutional committees who will be impacted by the research. INSPIR, the IRB’s electronic system, routes the IRB submission to individuals who represent these non-IRB required reviews. This article will discuss each of the processes conducted by these ancillary signatories and/or committees, and explain what information they need in order to sign-off in INSPIR and allow the study to reach the IRB for review. It is important to note that INSPIR sign-off does NOT constitute approval from these groups. To explain this, each individual signatory has provided information on their respective process for this article, in order to educate the research community on how to efficiently navigate these processes. Find out more about the Special Routing process in this month’s Feature Article.

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John Ennever, MD, PhD, CIP, CR TIMES Editor
Director, Human Research Protection Program
Office of Human Research Affairs