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Look Up an Investigator’s Home Institution

Both Boston University and Boston Medical Center can submit research applications and receive research funding. Working with Ravin Davidoff, MD at Boston Medical Center, we have agreed upon a series of conditions that determine whether a grant should be managed by Boston University or Boston Medical Center (see below).  To help investigators and our grants offices determine an investigator’s home institution, we have created an extensive list of investigators and which institution should manage their grants.  This master list is now available as a searchable database online.  Simply click the link below, sign in with your Kerberos username and password, and enter the name of the investigator you’d like to look up.

Note: At present, this lookup tool works with web browsers Safari, Chrome, Firebox, and Silk, but not with Internet Explorer.  We are working on this and are sorry for any inconvenience.

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Determining an Investigator’s Home Institution:

The general principle that this allocation follows is that the home institution for an investigator, for research purposes, is the institution that controls the space where the research will be conducted. We define the location where the research will be conducted as follows:

  • The location of the lab, for laboratory-based research.
  • For human research, the primary location where the research study team is based.
  • Student research will be allocated to the student’s school.
  • House officer/fellow research will be allocated to the institution of the trainee’s mentor.