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Meet the OHRA Team

Matthew Ogrodnik, MS, CIP
Director, Office of Human Research Affairs

Matt serves as the Director of the Office of Human Research Affairs. He is responsible for the overall operation of the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP), including the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Matt joined the BMC/BUMC Medical Campus IRB in 2012, and served as the director of the joint BMC/BU Medical Campus IRB from 2018-2020 prior to his appointment to director of OHRA. He has also had experience as a research coordinator. He graduated from Simon Fraser University with a BA in Psychology, and received his MS in Clinical Investigation from the Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine.

Mary-Tara Roth, RN, MSN, MPH

Director, Clinical Research Resources Office
Assistant Director, Human Research Protection Program

As Director of the CRRO, Mary-Tara is responsible for defining the office’s services and overseeing the implementation of those services to support clinical researchers at BMC and Boston University Medical Campus. In addition, she works at providing services to investigators and study teams, especially in the areas of consultations and training for all levels of the research team.

Karla Damus, PhD, MSPH, MN, RN FAAN

Administrator, and MCSR Research Licensure

As the administrator Karla assists BU Medical Campus and BMC researchers and their teams with the regulations, guidances, policies and best practices related to clinical trials registration, updating, and when required, documents posting and results/statistical analysis reporting. She also conducts individual and small group trainings and provides educational sessions about In addition, Karla works with researchers that have an IND to facilitate their required annual licensure through the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and is the contact for BMC and BU Medical Campus investigators who must comply with the 2018 Common Rule requirement 45 CFR 46.116(h). She is a perinatal epidemiologist, researcher, educator, and nurse. She received her PhD in epidemiology from UC Berkeley.

Emily Crowley, MPH, CIP

Human Research Quality Manager
As a Human Research Quality Manager, Emily performs Quality Assurance (QA) reviews, including targeted audits, of human research studies conducted at Boston University Medical Campus (BU Medical Campus) and Boston Medical Center (BMC). Before this role, Emily worked for five and a half years as an analyst for the BMC/BU Medical Campus Institutional Review Board (IRB) and has had experience conducting socio-behavioral research. Emily obtained her Master’s degree in Public Health from BU School of Public Health where she specialized in the design and conduct of public health research. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Alyssa Pingitore, BS

Human Research Quality Manager
As a Human Research Quality Manager, Alyssa performs Quality Assurance (QA) reviews, including targeted audits, of human research studies conducted at Boston University Medical Campus (BU Medical Campus) and Boston Medical Center (BMC). Before this role, Alyssa worked for four years as a Senior Research Assistant at Boston Medical Center conducting clinical trials on pharmacological treatment of alcohol use disorder. Alyssa obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from the University of Connecticut and is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health degree from BU School of Public Health specializing in epidemiology and biostatistics.

Diana Lehman


As department administrator, Diana is responsible for budget preparation and financial administration of the OHRA. Prior to joining the OHRA, she worked many years in BU administration in a variety of roles including grants manager, assistant to the Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine Dean, and assistant to the University President.