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Brochures for Participating in Research

The following brochures include information for community members and patients who have questions about participating in research. To find these brochures in other languages please click here.

Research Subject Bill of Rights

Giving Samples and Information for Research

PET Scans for Research

Research Data: How is my information protected and used?

Blood Draw for Research

CT Scans for Research

What is involved in a drug research study?

Genetic Research

How is health research different from health care?

What are incidental findings?

MRI Scans for Research

Research Participant Registry

Meet the Research Team

Should I be a Research Subject?

Social and Behavioral Research

Stem Cell Research

Surrogate Decision-Making

Participating in a Survey

Using Telemedicine in a Research Study


These brochures were created by the Research Subject Advocacy (RSA Program). Please click here for terms of use.