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Bill of Rights

As a research subject, you have the following rights:

  • To be treated in a caring and polite way.
  • To be told what the study is trying to find out.
  • To be informed what will happen, and whether any of the procedures, drugs or devices are different from what would be used in standard medical care.
  • To be told about possible side effects or discomforts that may occur during the study.
  • To be told if you can expect any benefit from being in the study and, if so, what the benefit might be. To be told of other choices for treatment you have, and how they might be better or worse than being in the study.
  • To be told what sort of treatment is available if any medical problems arise.
  • To be allowed to ask any questions about the study both before agreeing to be involved and during the course of the study.
  • To be free from pressure when deciding if you want to be in the study.
  • To be told about new information learned during the study that might affect your safety or your willingness to continue to take part in the study.
  • To refuse to be in the study, or to change your mind about being in the study after it has started. This decision will not affect the care you receive at the hospital.
  • To receive a copy of your signed consent form.

To download a handout of your bill of rights – please click here.

*Courtesy of the Harvard Catalyst and the BU CTSI