What do Birth Sisters do?

  • Develop a unique “sister-like” relationship throughout the perinatal period that allows her to impact the mother’s lifestyle choices and the health status of mother and baby.

  • Have prenatal home visits that focus on creating a relationship, identifying needs and providing childbirth and parenting education.

  • Assess whether the mother is lacking essential resources: housing, food, and baby care items. Refer mother to resources, if needed. 

  • Offer physical and emotional comfort, translation and advocacy for the mother during labor.

  • Facilitate communication between the mother and provider which promotes safety and satisfaction during labor and birth.

  • Go to Postpartum home visits and provide assistance in the transition to motherhood, help around the house so that the mother can rest; education on breast feeding, parenting and infant care; and making connections to needed medical and social services.
  • Play an important role in supporting the positive childbearing traditions of the mother’s culture.