MyPrint System

Printing, photocopying and scanning at the Medical Library is available to BU students, faculty and staff. MyPrint, a BU UID-based system, provides a print allotment to students of 500 sheets for black and white printing per semester.  MyPrint also provides BU faculty and staff 100 sheets for black and white printing per semester.

Boston Medical Center affiliates, as employees of the hospital rather than BU, do not receive this print quota unless they have a dual appointment at Boston University.

Library patrons who are not BU students, faculty or staff may print at a print/copy shop such as the FedEx Office—BU Medical Campus (700 Albany St.) or another location outside of the Library. Users are welcome to email documents from library computers, or save them to a USB drive for printing at another location.

MyPrint allotments will be automatically added to user accounts each semester, and print jobs may be released by swiping a BU ID (or logging in with BU username and password) at any MyPrint station, whether in the Medical Library or at other locations on the Medical Campus, the Charles River Campus or the Fenway Campus.

Please note that allocations will be reset each semester, and unused allocations will not carry forward.

If the print quota is exceeded, and for all color printing, additional funds may be added through Convenience Points. Students will add Convenience Points using their MyBU Student Portal accounts; BU faculty and staff members may purchase Convenience Points via payroll deductions through the Terrier Convenience Plan.

The Medical Library has black and white printers on the 11th, 12th and 13th floors, as well as two color printers on the 12th floor (one near the service desk and one in the corner behind the bookshelves).

Library computers automatically send print jobs to MyPrint. To print from a laptop, you may either configure your computer to send print jobs to MyPrint or sign into and upload your document (see step-by-step instructions).

For more information on MyPrint please visit


Photocopiers on the 11th, 12th and 13th floors of the Medical Library also offer scanning features. Materials can be scanned in a variety of file formats and emailed or printed. BU ID is required to access scanning functions, but there is no charge for scanning and emailing a document: normal print charges (see above) apply for printed materials.